How’s your week going, you wonderful vegan foodies?! We’ve got 5 great vegan food photos for you to enjoy this Friday.

For those unaware, our #FoodFriday blog is dedicated to the appreciation of great vegan food from the wonderful folk of Instagram. This week, we’ve compiled photos of 5 lively vegan dishes that look absolutely enticing to bite into, from quick snacks to full noodle meals.

Feeling hungry? Let’s dig right in!

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Noodles, cauliflower bites, and baked tofu. For me, the true winner tonight. 🙌🏽 Used the same batter for the tofu that I used on the cauliflower and it was perfect. 👏🏽 If you want the recipe for these gochujang cauliflower bites you can find them on my blog linked to my profile or down below. Double the sauce and preferred bread crumbs if you want to do your tofu the same. Noodles I used were the vegan yakisoba noodles from @jslfoods. 🍜 . Gochujang Spiced Cauliflower Bites 2 tsp gochujang (or sriracha) 2 tbsp tahini (I used the brand @soomfoods) 2 tsp soy sauce or coconut aminos 2 tsp maple syrup 6 tbsp of water 2 cups raw cauliflower, cut into bite size pieces 1/4 cup panko bread crumbs or gluten free bread crumbs (Trader Joe’s has a rice one that’s awesome) . Preheat oven to 400F. Combine all ingredients except cauliflower and bread crumbs in a medium bowl. Mix and you should get a slightly thickened sauce. Add in your cauliflower pieces and toss to coat in your sauce. As you coat, sprinkle bread crumbs over top and toss to evenly distribute over cauliflower pieces. Once all pieces are coated, add cauliflower pieces to lined baking sheet and place in the oven for 20 minutes or until you see pieces become golden on top. Using a fork, carefully flip cauliflower pieces and then bake tray again for 10-15 minutes until you see them get crispy on the ends. Remove from oven and allow to cook for 5 minutes before serving. 🥣 Note: if you cannot handle gluten, feel free to utilize gluten free ramen noodles as a yummy alternative. 🙂

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First up is this wonderful noodle plate by @plantbasedrd. We just love great noodle dishes, and this vegan food photo checks all the things we adore about noodle-based vegan cuisine: great colors, creative ingredients, and wonderful textures. We can’t wait to try this lovely meal ourselves using the recipe @plantbasedrd provided.



@thekindbreakfast presents this great kale salad with tofu, chickpeas, tomatoes and assorted all-green delights. We were taken aback by the absolute freshness emanating from this vegan food photo, the sense of cleanliness and flavor that belie the humble presentation of the salad bowl. Salad may be the bread and plant-based butter of vegan cuisine, but that doesn’t stop it from being special and wondrous.


We’re leaving for a snack break. See you in a while!
Just kidding! We’re still here with a great photo of @grazing.gia’s vegan chocolate mint no-bake protein bars. Just the title alone makes our mouths water, wow! Portable vegan food is always a great thing, and we are quite interested in trying these snacks out for our own (actual) snack breaks in the future.



@a_plant_based_aussie’s bowl of all-green goodies is our fourth vegan food pick of the week. With a meal that includes hummus, quinoa, sweet tomatoes and more, it’s no wonder that this dish appeals to us. When it comes to green foods, We love just a bit of everything, but said green food is artfully presented, we just love them even more.


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My guilty pleasure -> yogurt bowls! 🍧[anzeige] I can eat them 24/7 all day – everyday 😅 Anyone out there feeling the same affection for creamy & sweet snack bowls? . This is a bit of a variation to my usual soy curd bowls (trying to switch between different yogurt options at least) with coconut yogurt vegan natural chocolate lupin protein @saluvegan chia seeds hempseed chopped almonds lupin flakes @saluvegan blueberries raspberries . This makes a perfect nutritious (s)low carb snack with healthy fats and plantbased protein 💪🏻 . It actually tastes like PROTEIN PUDDING 🤩😋 . . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Lupinen gehören zu meinen liebsten Proteinquellen. Sie bieten wie die Soja Bohne ein komplettes Protein (alle essentiellen Aminosäuren) werden aber deutlich besser vertragen bzw. sind eine tolle Option (nicht nur) für Soja Allergiker 👍🏻 . @saluvegan habe ich euch vor einiger Zeit schon einmal vorgestellt. Ich verwende die Produkte nach wie vor super gerne! 🥰 Das Unternehmen hat sich auf hochwertige biologische Lupinen Produkte made in Germany spezialisiert und bietet von Pfannkuchen über Bratlinge, Proteinpulver, Pasta und Zerealien alles was das (vegane) Fitnessherz begeistert. Eine echt heißer Tipp 🔥😏 wenn ihr auf der Suche nach eiweißreichen, kohlenhydratreduzierten und vor allem GESUNDEN ALTERNATIVEN seid! Alles was ich bisher probiert habe, war super lecker und hat definitiv nicht nach low carb geschmeckt 😉👍🏻 . Die Flakes sind übrigens mein liebstes Produkt „ im Alltag“, weil sie viel besser sättigen als andere Zerealien und so toll knuspern 🤩

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Our final FoodFriday pick of the week belongs to @clean_body_ with a colorful yogurt bowl. Complete with blueberries, raspberries, lupin flakes and seeds of assorted kinds, this dessert looks like a great meal to end the day with. With a comprehensive recipe laid out in the IG description, we’ll gladly indulge ourselves with this healthy plant-based delight.

That’s it for our #FoodFriday. If you’re looking for more great vegan dishes to admire, tune in next week for our next Food Friday blog. Interested in participating in our weekly celebration of great vegan food? Simply add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your IG vegan food photos. Who knows, you might get featured in a future blog!

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