Are you looking for some great vegan food options? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our #FoodFriday Blog is dedicated to the appreciation of vegan cuisine. Every week we pick 5 great vegan food photos for your viewing pleasure, crafted and prepared by the great foodies of Instagram. This week, we’ve chosen five great healthy food options that will surely inspire you on your next culinary escapades, from stir-fried delights to avocado wonders.

Feeling hungry? Dig right in!


Let’s start with the appetizing hues of this vegan dish, photographed by @wellnesswithjesss. The color orange stimulates the brain and makes us hungry, and boy does this stir-fried sweet potato noodle dish make our stomachs rumble! Kudos to your bf, @wellnesswithjesss!


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Roasted Oyster Mushroom wild rice salad! TruthBomb: Chef life can sometimes be unhealthy. I’m currently in the Recipe & Development stage for a project I’m working on. I caught myself slipping on the fried food wave for more than 3 days and it started slowing me up. I roasted these oyster mushroom in a seasoning mix, tossed in my garlic oil and they came out so crispy! + pickled onions, baby kale and wild rice. Healthy + cheap(ish) Meal plans coming soon! #vegan#veganchef#vegansofig#nycvegans #cheflife #chefsofig #patoisnyc #hotsaucelover #nyceats #veganfood #veganfoodshare #veganbowls #saladsofinstagram #nofryfood #italisvital #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedfood #bossbabe #blavityfoodie #entrepreneur

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Our next Food Friday pick is by @mamaplantain, presenting a delicious-looking Oyster Mushroom wild rice salad. As mentioned above, color has an effect on our palate, and the green and brown hues of this vegan bowl hints at the explosion of flavor awaiting those who’ll dig into it. The enticing lighting adds a layer of texture to this dish, and we hope to one day craft a mushroom-based meal as good-looking as this.



@durham_region_foodie presents this tasty vegan cheese log. Made with almond slivers and seasoned by sriracha, this plant-based delight is further-flavored by chives and crispy onion, the variety of ingredients a guarantee to this log’s deliciousness. We’ll be checking out the recipe of this great meal in the future.


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This is one of my favorite easy-but-still-nutritious meals that tastes delicious and is very filling. Plus, technically, you can make this entire meal in the microwave if you don’t feel like cooking. 👉🏼Two bags of microwaveable rice 👉🏼One bag of frozen corn 👉🏼One bag of frozen broccoli 👉🏼One can of kidney bean 👉🏼A few tbsps @earthbalance “butter” 👉🏼A few tbsps @nutritional yeast 👉🏼 Seasoning: black pepper. I used garlic salt this time but seasoning salt is GREAT in this too. 👉🏼Mix all cooked ingredients. 👉🏼Top with fresh avocado and freshly chopped tomatoes. I skipped the tomatoes today because I ran out 😭 This recipe feeds all of us plus leftovers for the next day. We ate it just like this tonight, but other ways including wrapping it up in a tortilla, lavash, or eating it with tortilla chips. 😋 . . . . . . . . . . . #vegan #vegankids #veganrecipes #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #veganmom #veganparenting #veganfood #losangeles #sfv #hollywood #malibu #santamonica #californiakids #californiamom #healthykids #healthyfamily 🌱

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The next vegan meal we’ve chosen for this Friday is by @veganmomla. This avocado rice dish looks quite versatile, fit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There’s even a comprehensive list of ingredients, so that you’ll know what to use if you want to partake in this sumptuous piece of vegan cuisine.


Last but not least is @haynesstreetlarder’s lively salad of lentils, olives cherry tomatoes and other great all-green ingredients. There’s something so positive about this vegan food photo. Maybe it’s the lighting, or the vivid colors of the fruits (remember, tomatoes are technically fruits) and veggies that compose it. Whatever the case, this captivating salad puts a smile on our face.

That’s the end of our #FoodFriday blog. Don’t fret, we’ll be back next week with a fresh batch of vegan food photos, just for you. Interested in participating in our weekly celebration? Put the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan on your future vegan food photos on IG. You might get featured in one of our Food Fridays, providing inspiration for other vegan foodies who frequent our blog.

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