It’s #FoodFriday once again! How’s your new year? Tried any new vegan dishes or recipes? No? Well you’re in luck, we’ve got a great selection of vegan food photos gathered from the wonderful foodies of IG! Check out these sumptuous images that we’ve prepared for this week, from savory soups to delectable sweets.

Let’s dive right in!

There’s nothing wrong with doing desserts first, right? This food photo is from @trawa.khv, presenting an exquisite box of chocolate truffles. Using Colombian Cocoa, these boxy delights would be great for various celebrations, such as dates, birthdays and anniversaries.



Our next Food Friday choice is by @herbivorean, with their vegan plate of tempeh bacon, beans and assorted greens. Together with two slices of hummus toast, this plate looks like a great meal to snack on while doing work or relaxing at home.



@microboosticleaf presents this aesthetically-pleasing Pad Thai dish, prepared with sprouts, peas and microgreens. We just love an artfully presented vegan dish, and this pad Thai plate emanates an air of cultured taste. This dish shows how vegan recipes can enhance any meal that traditionally features meat or animal products. No shrimps needed to make this dish delish!



Here’s something for a cold or rainy day. @kitchen309 presents a lovely vegan soup with corn, rice, black eyed peas and various veggies. Nothing like a hot and healthy meal to warm one’s stomach during the chillier days of the week.


Our final Food Friday pick of the week is by @mikhuy_veggie, with their appetizing Ricotta-style spinach and tofu rolls. We’re not sure why, but there’s something about these exquisite rolls that screams “happy new year!” to us. Maybe it’s the coloring of the plate, or the festive image of spinach melting in our mouths. Whatever the case, we just love these vegan rolls.

That’s it for our Food Friday blog, but stay tuned for next week’s selection. Better yet, why not celebrate great vegan food with us? Add the hashtags #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan to your vegan food photos on Instagram, and maybe you’ll be featured in a future FoodFriday blog, inspiring fellow vegans with your delicious dishes.

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