The new year is here, friends! Our #FoodFriday blog celebrates the new decade, a great time to cultivate new relationships and devise great new vegan cuisine. We’ve scoured the internet for the best #vegan food photos that the great foodies of Instagram have to offer. From creamy pastas to terrific tacos, we hope that our selection of food photos inspires you to make your own great vegan dishes for the new year!

New food experiences await. Let’s dig in!

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A few shots of what I made for a vegan Christmas this year! As a new vegan or someone who is moving to a more plant-focussed diet you might find Christmas to be a little difficult as there is a big change in the star 🌟of your plate, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge a little (or a lot) and enjoy Christmas lunch with your loved ones🥰 My first Christmas as a vegan last year was a little depressing tbh! I didn’t get time to make any dishes and my extended fam was pretty new to the lifestyle so there weren’t any options for me. I felt like a bit of a burden! I wanted to connect with my family and enjoy their food, however I was not going to compromise on my beliefs or my ethics no matter what, so I dealt with it. This year I was a lot more prepared and made some things ahead of time, and froze them, like this cashew and stone fruit tart, this mushroom 🍄, beetroot and carrot 🥕Wellington (recipe courtesy of @thehappypear 🍐) and my Sensational Snickers form my Ebook 😇 I also made @avantgardevegan ‘s Donut Profiteroles from his Vegan Chrissy book! I love cooking for my family and I love showing them that Vegan food can be delicious and full of flavour, so I try to make vegan treats to take to any family gathering we might have 🙈 Vegan Ebook coming soon! Stay sexy and eat more plants 🌱🌱

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Our first #FoodFriday choice for the 2020 is this dessert dish by @geephelps. This cashew and stone fruit tart is part of a set of several vegan dishes that @geephelps prepared for Christmas, using recipes by other great vegan foodies. We love it when the vegan community inspires one another with their creations!



@kitschykitchen presents our second Food Friday pick of the decade, a humble breakfast meal consisting of potatoes, chickpeas and homemade flatbread. Here at Vegan Culinary Cruises we love a hearty feast, but we also love smaller, more intimate vegan meals made from the heart.



Coming up next is @topknotchveganvittles’ delicious taco platter. These sumptuous shells look mouth-watering with their leafy fillings. The myriad choices of taco filling surrounding this plate completes the greatness of this vegan food photo. Life isn’t just like a box of chocolates, but also like a taco; you choose what you fill it with.



Pasta is always a treat and this creamy mushroom pasta by @veganswithvariety looks extra-tasty. We’re just loving the captivating textures of this vegan dish, and we can only imagine how it would melt in the mouth. Better yet, we can try making it ourselves, because @veganswithvariety’s Youtube channel has a video that can show us how to devise our own creamy mushroom delight.


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#TBT IF YOU ARENT GOING TO HAVE AN OPEN MIND, DONT BE VEGAN / PLANTBASED 🚨 READ BELOW 🚨- – Veggie Soup 🤤 MAN y’all must not try if you think there’s no variety in being plant based 🤷🏽‍♂️ IDK what else to say. There’s OPTIONSSSSS you just have to put in a lil effort in the beginning. – ⏰ just like with anything, the beginning is always the toughest so go out there and GIVE IT A CHANCE. I hear so many people say “I went vegan then had chicken and stopped ever since” like WTF it’s all good to have a day here and there you don’t stick with it but my god lol why you gotta throw in the towel so quick. – Upgrade your mindset, try something new if you WANT, if not don’t complain about it and just continue to do what you been doing. – DONT GIVE UPPPPPPP – – – – – #alkalineaustin #beyourownbest #knowthyself #wfpb #wholefoods #vegan #veganforlife #veganfortheplanet #nomeat #plantbased #veganeats #veganforhealth #vegansofig #veganfortheanimals #healthylife #rawfood #veganfitness #veganAF #vegansofla #veganhottie #plantpowered #veganhealth #veganbody #plantbasednutrition #veganfitnessmodel #rawvegan #whatveganseat #lifestyle #vegansworldwide

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Last but not least on our first Food Friday blog of the year is @alkalineaustin’s modest vegan soup. Paired with an inspirational text post, this soup is a great reminder how the vegan lifestyle is worth following. With easy to find ingredients and a relatively uncomplicated recipe, a vegan soup is a great meal to celebrate the new year as a vegan, a way to prepare for the new experiences ahead of us.

Wasn’t that fulfilling? We hope that our selection inspired you for the new year. See you all on the second #FoodFriday blog of the 2020’s next week. Do you want to celebrate vegan food with us? Hashtag your vegan food photos with #FoodFriday and #VacationingVegan. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured in our next Food Friday blog.

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