Modern-day vegans have an ever-increasing range of food and drink at their disposal as the popularity of plant-based living spreads worldwide, but vacationing as a vegan can still lead to some tricky situations.

Life on the road (or on a vegan culinary cruise!) for a vegan adventurer is a rich and rewarding experience, however, when you are in an unfamiliar country you might find yourself struggling to locate a nearby vegan eatery, supermarket, or bar.

It is during these tough times when you need to turn to HappyCow.

HappyCow is a user-powered database listing thousands of vegan and vegan-friendly businesses all over the planet. No matter what your destination, the website (and the on-the-go app version) will show you restaurants, clothing boutiques, bakeries, grocery stores, and juice bars in your selected location.

It is an easy way to discover the best vegan places for dining and shopping during your vacation.

For example, a quick search for vegan eateries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia will show you the listing for Vibe Café with plenty of 5-star reviews and tantalizing food photos submitted by happy customers.

vegan foods

If you feel like being a bit more adventurous during your time in Cambodia, use the HappyCow map to discover hidden gems such as Mae Ra Jiveh Vegetarian Food Shop and marvel at their selection of dried goods and meat alternatives. 

Cambodia is a wonderland for vegans. Not only are the people super accommodating of people from other countries, but it’s also peppered with a lot of vegan restaurants as well.

Whether you’re out backpacking, joining one of those vegan culinary cruises, or on the red-eye to Vietnam, you don’t need to worry about your vegan options abroad. No matter where on this endlessly fascinating planet you are enjoying a vegan vacation, HappyCow is your trusted source of plant-based, consumer-recommended hot spots.