As savvy world travelers begin to discover there are cruises for all tastes and lifestyles, so too are they beginning to realize that luxury cruises do not restrict their vacations based on weather or even seasons.

Waking with Vegan Culinary Cruises is the perfect way to unwind as our exciting locations drift past your suite no matter the climate or weather conditions outside.

If you need a temporary respite from watching the tropical (and sometimes steamy) landscape of the Mekong from our deck, you can retire to your climate-controlled suite to enjoy the sights in a temperature perfect for you.

Non-cruise vacations can sometimes leave you at the mercy of the weather and it can be upsetting to have an entire day washed out by rain.

vegan cruise

Passengers on our south of France adventure need not worry about such a misfortune.

They will be able to dodge any rare inclement weather by enjoying the numerous onboard activities and spaces. If the weather outside doesn’t suit your tastes on any one day, relax by one of our big picture windows in the day lounge with a warming cup of coffee. Or how about booking yourself in for a massage for the ultimate in cruising relaxation.

Traveling with the best culinary cruise liner has your vacation protected against the climate, no matter where on this beautiful planet we are traveling together!